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( Aerith Gainsborough || Kingdom Hearts II )
Head/Game/Manga Canon
A young woman whose quiet eyes belie an unbreakable will. Like Leon, she met Sora while living away from her hometown, and helped him now and then on his journey.

Now Aerith works with Leon and Yuffie to restore the town to its past splendor.

- - - From KHII: Final Mix manual.

Name: Aerith Gainsborough
Age: 23
D.O.B: Feburary 7
Point in Time: Right before Radiant Garden is restored.
Hometown: Hollow Bastion
Occupation: Part of the Restoration Committee and Healer
Weapon: None

Aerith Gainsborough is a minor character in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. She returns in Kingdom Hearts II and this time she is found in Hollow Bastion and Radiant Garden. As with Kingdom Hearts, Aerith is once again working with Yuffie and Leon in an attempt to return the town to its former state. As such, the three of them belong to the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee.

She also has a extra role to play in attempting to aid Cloud. She encourages him throughout the game, telling him that she is sure he will be able to succeed and that he will find his light. However, she never actually meets him in person and her assistance isn't direct.

During the Invasion of Hollow Bastion, Aerith is involved in the conflict. However, she takes a more passive stance and is seen healing people who have been hurt during the battle. Also during Sora's visit to the Tron themed part of the game, she assists him against the Master Control Program by downloading the deletion program.

- - - Source found in the KH Union website.